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Tibetan buddhist dating

It is 57 meters wide, 50 meters deep, and 48 meters tall.

It is an imposing structure when you see it close at hand. Rushana, Edo Period Statue, in Nara at Tōdai-ji Photo courtesy of Handbook on Viewing Buddhist Statues A totally wonderful book, by Ishii Ayako.

Click here to buy book at Amazon ABOVE AND BELOW - PHOTOS BY RON REZNICKBust of Rushana Nyorai at Tōdai-ji Temple in Nara. Major monastery-temple belonging to the Kegon sect of Buddhism.

The origin of Todaiji goes back to the Kinshoji, a temple that had existed in the eastern sector of the present Todaiji compound.

Here, Roben (689-773), a scholar-monk of the Kegon sect who was to become the first abbot of Todaiji, had been active in 733.

The grand dedication ceremony was held in the 4th year of the Tempyo-Katsuho era (752).

is famous for the great image of Birushana Buddha, a symbol of Nara.

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The body of the statue was reconstructed in 1185, and the 5.3-meter-high head was rebuilt in 1692.

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